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Stomach Soother aids in:

* Lack Of Appetite * Ulcer Pain

* Diarrhea * Foal Scours

* Giving Medications * Weight Maintenance

* Cribbing * Trailer & Travel Stress

Increased mucous secretion triggered by the papain enzyme is useful in conjunction with

administration of any product that might injure stomach lining.  Anti-inflammatory drugs

and high doses of electrolytes, for example, cause less damage if administered with

Stomach Soother.

Advantage over many other ulcer remedies because it is safe for long-term use. Most

other ulcer remedies eventually cause side effects, such as poor calcium or vitamin B12

absorption, bacterial imbalance leading to colic and poor utilization of dietary protein.

Foal “scours” associated with the mother’s first heat milk improves by helping the foal’s

digestion cope with the hormonal change in the milk.

Helps weanlings digest new diets while their gut microbes are adjusting.

Palatable sweet taste can also play a helpful role in administration of oral medications.

Some horses show improved temperament due to decreased stomach pain.

Helps with cribbing associated with stomach pain or missing nutrients.

Helps break down resulting undigested food, when antibiotics kill useful gut microbes,

resulting in firmer manure.

Helps break down the food more efficiently in the limited time it is in the “nervous” gut

when trailering horses resulting in firmer manure.

Benefits elderly horses with difficulties maintaining weight because it breaks down what

their less efficient digestive tract can’t.

Effect on blood circulation may increase coat and joint health.

No tranquilizing effect.


(Case of six 32oz bottles)


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